Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is really awesome. Acetone, added to gasoline in small amounts (1-3oz) can increase your fuel mileage by up to 25%! This is crazy, now I haven't tried this my self as I am still researching it. But from the information I have read I am going to try it next time I can get down to a hardware store that sells 100% acetone. Ive looked up prices and it seems to be about 10-11$ for a quart of 100% pure acetone, that is 946ml (32oz). So using just 2 ounces per fill up, one can of acetone will give you 16 fill ups at 2 ounces per-one full tank of gas (average gas tank is 15-20gallons). Averaging a 4 mpg increase per tank in my Honda Odyssey (20gal)I should get an 80 extra MPG! That's 80 mpg that only cost me 1.45$! (My math may be way off please comment if it is!)

All the while reducing your cars emissions! Making your car cleaner and greener.

Now mind you there are risks, the acetone will eat your paint if spilled on your car, and there are a few other things, such as some rubber/plastic parts may deteriorate at a faster rate with acetone than with out. But if its rated for gasoline the acetone shouldn't have a huge impact. From every thing I have read the risks are very small. I have a few ideas how to get the acetone in the gas tank with out risking spilling on the paint, but that is for another day.

I plan on doing a few blog posts over the next few weeks on how to *Clean and Green* up your car, and your life in general. All the while saving you money with cheap solutions. So stay tuned!

A lot more information HERE

Measurement Converter

And legal stuff.

If you do this myself and are not responsible for damages or injury sustained while using the information provided here. Please do your research!

*Update* I have been doing a lot of research and it seems that the claims I first read about may have been over stated (shocker) but the testing of this claim doesn't seem to hold up, either they test with to much per-gallon or to little. And I have yet to see any hard proof that this doesn't work. The Mythbusters tested this and they look to have put to much acetone-per gallon. I'm not saying that this does in fact work. All I am saying is that the claims to this not working are on on the same footing as it working. It seems very plausible that this does work. Its up to you and me to see for our selves.


  1. Wow! I've heard this before but never tried it...I need to do more research.

  2. lol seems cool but i will not try lol xD i need mah car!

  3. i had to read it all the way through. good stuff!

  4. Ooh that was an interesting read, thanks!

  5. mmm I might have to try this out on an old car

  6. wow. i'll keep this in mind.. thanks.

  7. I've heard about this. I think it destroys your engine too so be careful.

  8. Interesting. Will keep this in mind when I get my new car.