Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rinderpest Virus *Wiped out*

Scientists working for the UN say that they have eradicated a virus which can be deadly to cattle.

If confirmed, rinderpest would become only the second viral disease - after smallpox - to have been eliminated by humans.

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I think it is ignorant for us as people to think that we can (or is our right to) kill a virus. They just adapt and become even worse. The flu for instance, us with our anti-bacterial soaps and antibiotics have pretty much bred worse and worse versions of this virus. Its ignorant plain and simple.


  1. last thing we need is another mad cow's disease.

  2. Impressive if it's indeed eradicated, here's hoping.

  3. Pretty intresting stuff. With the way things are going, it wouldnt be to out of site for us to best any disease in the nest 20 years.

  4. Viruses are not alive. Thus, you do not say they are "killed."