Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well its raining. And not just the little piddly crap either its pouring. This sucks for many reasons. One: I cannot skate in the rain. Two: I am cold. And Three: The broken window on my Honda Odyssey. I have to cover it with a trash bag and when ever I go places I have to take it down and the whole car gets wet. Its the back passenger side window so I don't get wet up front but the rest of the car does.

This cold weather also means that Watch It Melt will probably be on hold till spring. I hate this I just started to get this project off the ground and now I have to wait.

All in all the rain reminds me of when I lived in Washington State, a very depressing time for me.


  1. can't rain forever dude dont get depressed. also you should prolly get that window professionally done

  2. Oh, the good old garbage bag for window. I used one in my old car when I couldn't afford to put a new one.

    Don't let the rain get you down.

  3. rain rain go away come back another day :D